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Intelligent savings, simplified


Smart savings and payments

Access your savings, straight out of bed, really anytime' through your nearest ATM and merchant POS through Maxmywealth Card.

Better returns than the savings bank deposit

Our principal secure savings box has delivered over 7% returns as compared to 3.5% to 4% on your Savings Account while protecting your principal.

Pay anytime and anywhere

Access your savings through Maxmywealth VISA Card at all ATMs and merchant outlets in India.

Smart and secure investments


Full array of intelligent investment options

You decide how much safety you desire, from secure, capital protected, conservative, balanced risk, and market, and when you need your money.

Better investment returns without unnecessary risks

We diversify your investments across most appropriate combination of equity, gold, and safe debt securities to give you the best returns possible without comprising on safety.

World class, cutting-edge investment research

Our global research team comprising of leading academics and investment professionals uses the latest cutting-edge research based on Nobel Prize winning factors to select the best funds for you.

Withdraw intelligently

Just tell us how much money you want to withdraw, and our intelligent engine tells you what to sell in a manner that will minimize taxes, and reduce future wealth impact, always.

Automated and advanced tax savings


Tax savings using equity linked saving scheme

We offer only the choicest of ELSS Mutual Funds that offer the best combination of liquidity and returns over a long period.

Free tax savings after three years

After three years you don't have to invest any new money to save taxes, our Redeployment feature reallocates your previous investments so that you save upto INR 46,350 each year - automatically.

Tax harvesting

We reduce your capital gains taxes payable at the end of the year through our tax saving algorithms.


DC Jain

DC Jain

Ex M.D. and CEO of IDBI Capital Markets

Most applications and Relationship managers from Banks only provide investment options from some AMCs as they get better commissions from them. A truly innovative savings and wealth creation application that keeps the customer’s best interest in mind. They objectively recommend the best available savings and mutual fund portfolios to people from all 36 AMCs in India.

Prof. Narayan Naik

Prof. Narayan Naik

Head of Finance Faculty, London Business School

I am truly impressed by the research and objectivity in selecting funds employed by maxmywealth. Never experienced such high quality research being offered to retail customers.

Conrad D'Souza

Conrad D'Souza

Member of Executive Management at HDFC - ‎HDFC

I envision that a large majority of people will make their savings and investments via an intelligent application layer that takes into account their goals, objectives and preferences, rather than leaving their savings in their bank accounts or making discreet individual investments through their wealth managers.

Dr. Ms. Ankur Singh

Dr. Ms. Ankur Singh

Consultant, Save the Children (International NGO)

I loved the interface. They have state of the art fluid interface where you tracks your wealth just like a fitness tracker.

Manoj Thakur

Manoj Thakur

Founder, Hornbill capital (India Offshore Fund)

Significantly better functionality than a Bank Account, or a traditional wealth management firm: better returns, better payment features, lower taxes, goal based investing, risk adjustment and control etc

Mahendra Swarup

Mahendra Swarup

ex President of Indian Venture Capital Association

Haven't observed such great aesthetics and interactivity in a financial product. A great feat, congratulations!

Award winning research based portfolio

You benefit from best in class mutual fund selection engine - Winning Factor Selection - based on latest Nobel Prize winning research, backed by leading experts and academics based in London and India. We select a portfolio of mutual funds for you with the highest returns expected for any risk level you choose.

Bank like security all the time.

We use SSL security that uses 256 bit encryption for any information that you share with us. All your information is encrypted and stored in ISO 12007 complaint server systems with state of the art security, redundancy, and data recovery.

Interactive Dashboard

A state of the art fluid interface which projects your wealth going forward, track you wealth goals on a daily basis, and tells you in advance whether you are expected to reach your life goals.